These photographs and family files were shared by Rev. Ogle Wattenbarger.

These files are restricted and only available to direct descendants from these families. Please refer to instructions at the bottom of this page.

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1. Photograph 1 of John Wattenbarger.
2. Photograph 2 of Jacob Mosies Buttram's wife Sarah "Sallie" Hurt Buttram.
3. Photograph 3 article of Ada Buttram Wattenbarger's birthday dinner with Buttram relatives.
4. Photograph 4 of Mosies Asbury Buttram, the son of Hiel Buttram.
5. Photograph 5 of Margaret Foster.
6. Photograph 6 of Julia Melissa Buttram.
7. Photograph 7 article about death of Mrs. Anna Buttram, widow of Judge W. H. Buttram.
8. Photograph 8 of Peter and Mary Wattenbarger home and family.
9. Photograph of Christopher Columbus Wattenbarger and Jane Buttram Wattenbarger, the parents of Mosies Asbury Wattenbarger.
10. Photograph 9 of Mosies Asbury and Hester Rebecca Kyker Wattenbarger home and family.
11. Photograph 10 of Mosies Asbury Buttram.
12. Photograph of John Grant Wattenbarger and Hattie Morrison Kelsey.
13. Location where Johann Adam Wuerember is buried in Trinity Lutheran Church Cemetery.
14. Photograph 12 showing buildings and details about Trinty Lutheran Church.
15. Photograph 13 current image of Trinity Luthern Church as of 2007.
16. Photograph 14 of Rev. Hiel Buttram and wife Mary "Polly" Hurt Buttram.
17. Photograph 15 of Rev. Hiel Buttram.
18. Photograph 16 of Jacob Mosies Buttram.
19. Photograph of Jacob Buttram.
20. Photograph 17 transcription of Rev. Hiel Buttram's Will.
21. Photograph 18 transcription of Jacob Buttram's Will.
22. Photograph 19 of Michael Wattenbarger.
23. Photograph 20 of Effie and Edna Buttram sitting on Fire Department car seat.
24. Photograph 21 of Mosies Asbury Buttram, son of Hiel Buttram.
25. Photograph 22 of Julia Buttram.
26. Photograph 23 of Mosies Asbury Buttram, son of Warren Harding Buttram.
27. Photograph 24 of Rev. Hiel Buttram.
28. Photograph 25 of Edna Buttram.
29. Unlabeled Photograph of 1926 Wattenbarger Reunion.
30. Partially labeled photograph of 1926 Wattenbarger Reunion.
31. Clearwater School 1898.
32. Clearwater School 1899.
33. John Buttram Family Tree Document.
34. Mary Ann Wattenbarger Brock family
35. Michael Wattenbarger Family Tree Document
36. Multiple Family connections to Wattenbarger Family.
37. Peter and Peggy Wattenbarger Family Tree.
38. Peter Wattenbarger Family Tree Version 2.
39. William Wattenbarger Family Tree.
40. Ogle Wattenbarger version of Newman Family Tree.
41. South West View of Mosies Asbury Wattenbarger House sight.
42. Another View of Mosies Asbury Wattenbarger House sight.
43. Another View of Mosies Asbury Wattenbarger House sight.
44. Another View of Mosies Asbury Wattenbarger House sight.
45. J. W. Hicks and Liza Wattenbarger Hicks Home
46. another view of J. W. Hicks and Liza Wattenbarger Hicks Home
47. another view of J. W. Hicks and Liza Wattenbarger Hicks Home
48. Roy Hicks Farm North East View.
49. Roy Hicks Farm South East View.

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