McMinn County, Tn. Walker Family


In case mixed up researchers continue to attempt to pervert the lineage of the John Walker II, John Walker III, and John Walker IV family lines, here are court records that prove the connection. We already have dna proof of relationship by autosomal dna connection to the same lines that have group 8 y-dna profile. The court records, autosomal dna study, and the y-dna profile are totally in agreement for the lineage of John Walker II, John Walker III, and down to the McMinn County, Tn. descendant line. Also going to McMinn County, Tn. was John Walker, probably the son of John Walker IV and Mary. He was the John Walker who married Katy Davidson and whose daughter is documented in the McMinn County, Tn marriage records as marrying a Wooten and dying in Arkansas. He was the John Walker who purchased land grant property adjoining Andrew Cowan and Robert Walker. His purchase and the date and location of it is noted on the map I've linked pertaining to property deeds and location.

I suggest that you download the linked photographs of actual documents and print them out. Then print out this web page and connect them together in a logical sequence as if you were presenting a case in court to a jury.

I want to point out official court records in McMinn County, Tn. that are proof of connection of the John Walker IV and Ann Houston descendant lines to the McMinn County, Tn. Walker family. The surnames you see in these files are for families descended from John Walker IV and Ann Houston Walker daughters. I previously found a document on the internet showing that a John Walker IV daughter married a Ball in Augusta/Russell County, Va. but I can't find it now. That connection explains why that Lewis Ball was with his Walker and Cowan cousins when he bought land grant property. Of course our cousin, Russell David Walker Jr. is group 8, also again proving the connection to the Rockbridge, Va. John Walker II family by a y-dna match.

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There is a map below of the actual land grant properties whose location and date and sequence of grant numbers prove that Lewis Ball, John Walker, Robert Walker, and Andrew Cowan were together and purchased property on the same day and time for the same location in McMinn County, Tn. Cowan, Walker, Ball, and Long Hiwassee Land Grant property deeds and location are shown on this map:

Click here the map showing the properties purchased and owned by the above cousins.

Here is the link for a copy of the John Walker III will naming some descendant lines. This is a base line reference for some of the same families in the McMinn County, Tn. wills and court records.

Click here for a transcription of the John Walker II will.

The following is the relationship of Samuel R. Samuel R. Walker is connected to Rev. Robert Walker by the estate record linked below.

The ancestral file of Samuel R. Walker is as follows, per one internet site:
John Walker I m. Jane McKnight
John Walker II m. Katherine Rutherford
Samuel Walker b 25 Dec. 1714 died Feb 1793 m. Jane Patterson
John Walker m. Margaret Paul----His brother Joseph Walker married Susan Willis and the couple were the parents of Joseph Rutherford Walker born 13 Dec. 1798 Roane County, Tn.---
Samuel R. Walker b. 30 Jan 1787 died April 1823 was the son of John Walker and Margaret Paul. He married wife Elizabeth McKamey 10/10/1815 in Kingston, Tn. Samuel R. Walker was the first cousin of Joseph Rutherford Walker. You will also see a McKamey in the Ezekiel Bonner Will shown on this page.

This link below is for an actual photo of the Samuel Walker estate record which has Burk Priddy in it as a creditor. When you look at the Rev. Robert Walker will you find that Burk Priddy was the son-in-law of Rev. Robert Walker. These are court documents that prove a connection between the Rockbridge, Va. descendants from John Walker II and Katherine Rutherford.

Click here for a photo of the Samuel Walker estate paper with Burk Priddy as a creditor.

You also find Burk Priddy as an heir named in this transcription of the Rev. Robert Walker will. The link is:

Click here for transcripton of Rev. Robert Walker's McMinn County, Tn. will showing Burk Priddy as an heir.

We already have the land grant records shown map previously linked on this page connecting Lewis Ball, Andrew Cowan, Rev. Robert Walker, and John Walker. But if there's any question of the connection to the McMinn County, Tn. Walker family to the John Walker IV and Ann Houston family there are three different descendant lines from the couple in this one document found in McMinn County, Tn. It is the Ezekiel Bonner Will. The link is:

Click here for one page of the Ezekiel Bonner will showing related families and heirs.

Click here for another page of the Ezekiel Bonner will.

This will has Joseph Walker of Missouri, Rev. Robert Walker's son, and spouse Sarah Bonner, Ezekiel Bonner's daughter,named as heirs. There is a John Weir named in this will and his wife was a daughter of Ezekiel Bonner. This John Weir was living in Arkansas at the time this will was made.

There are several Graves family cousin matches to the Walker descendant's autosoma dna files. Also in this file you find Margaret Graves. There was also a Campbell family who descended from a John Walker III daughter. In this document you also find Thomas John Campbell as a witness. As executors of the estate you have Alexander Cowan and Levin Lewis Ball, but both refused to serve. And if you remember the McDowell family that migrated with the Walker family, in this will there is John McDowell, formerly of Missouri and father-in-law of Blassingame Brock and Terry Wayne Brock. When his first wife died, Terry Wayne Brock married second Elizabeth "Betsie" Walker, the daughter of William Houston Walker and Mary "Polly" Beck. Terry Wayne Brock and Betsie Walker Brock were 2nd great-grandparents to this web site owner. Elmore Brock, son of Blassingame Brock and Caty McDowell, married Mary Jane Bonner and is named in this will. He was the nephew of Terry Wayne Brock.

This one document contains five descendant lines from John Walker IV and Ann Houston. I don't know what other proof anyone would ask for about their connections to the McMinn County, Tn. Walker family and their cousins. And with the y-dna match and the Samuel R. Walker estate documentation connecting them to the Rockbridge, Va. family both lines are connected together by court legal documentation.