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1. Sylvester Rice Thompson tombstone
Sylvester was a Confederate veteran of the civil war-Forest Co., Bradford Reg., 31st JWR-surrendered at Vicksburg
2. Mary Jane Wallis Thompson wife of Sylvester Rice Thompson
3. Salena Caroline Thompson and husband William J. Gallant tombstone
4. Rosie Thompson tombstone daughter of Joseph Henry and Martha Lucinda Thompson
5. William Joseph Thompson tombstone son of Joseph Henry and Martha Lucinda Thompson
6. Closeup view of Martha Lucinda Thompson tombstone
7. View of Union McMinn Baptist Church as seen from back of Martha Lucinda Thompson tombstone
8. View of Union McMinn Baptist Church-shows Martha L. Thompson tombstone and probable location of Rev. William Thompson's unmarked grave near Sarah E. Manis at the site of unmarked sunken graves.
9. Line of Thompson family graves. Martha Lucinda Thompson tombstone is second from right.
From right to left: Blank marker probably Joseph Henry Thompson, Martha Lucinda Thompson, Ella wife of J. M. Bryant June 1879-March 1908,Rosie daughter of M. L., William Joseph Thompson (Joey) March 5, 1885-June 5, 1908, blank, probably Josephine daughter of and J. H. and Martha L. Thompson died 8/?/1881 Rosie, Ella, William Joseph (Joey) and Josephine were all the children of Joseph Henry Thompson and Martha Lucinda Thompson.

Phone number is 423-334-5301. To contact via U. S. mail use address:
% James Ronald Thompson
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Ten Mile, Tennessee 37880