1. William Thomson born abt. 1646 -migrated from Edinburgh, Scotland or Glasgow/Lanark area about 1685.

2. William Thomson lived in Charles County, Maryland 1685-1727 which is now part of Prince George's County, Md. Historical articles show the coordinates would be N38 55.924 W 76 57.345 .

(Click here to see original Charles County, Md land grant map1)
This map is a marked copy of a section taken from a map created by Louise Joyner Hienton and deposited at Hall of Records Nov 16, 1959.

(Click here to see pictures of Mill Site at Seneca Ford where maternal ancestor Cornelius Eltinge owned a grist mill.)
He was John Thompson's father in law. The relics remaining at the site are from mills that were constructed at a later period on the same site.)

(Click here to see a picture of Great Falls, Maryland.)
John Thompson owned property in 1751 called Thompson's Hopyard. The southernmost boundary of that property lay near the second falls, per old Maryland State Archives. John Thompson also owned Darby Island and Fair Island when he died. It seems very likely that Olmstead Island is one of those tracts. The name was changed in about 1850 to honor a "politician".

3. John Thomson born abt. 1696 about 14 miles south of Great Falls near Washington, D. C. per the old 1685 land grant property Scotland owned by his father. He MOST LIKELY met his wife Yacomintye Eltinge at the Cornelius Eltinge Mill which was located at the outlet of Seneca Creek to the Potomac River. That section is now part of Montgomery County, Maryland. His son William Thompson was born there Mar 11, 1739 and lived there until he died in 1793. John Thompson owned property near Great Falls, Maryland. Seneca Primitive Baptist Church was located at Dawsonville, Md. William Thompson probably lived somewhere in the area between Seneca Ford, Sugarland Hundred and Dawsonville. James Fields Thompson was born there about 1757-8 and lived there until abt 1794. The gps coordinates on this document show locations where Thompsons or their relatives were present per Maryland State Records.

4. James Fields Thompson lived in Rowan/Davie County, North Carolina after 1794. He first bought property from Benjamin Gilpin in 1794 located 1/4 mile east of Fork Baptist Church. Then in 1807 he sold that property and bought the 216 A shown by this map and was living on it when he died in 1814. His widow Nancy continued to live on the property until abt 1838.

" "Original Davie County, N. C. landgrant map showing James Thompson Property Locations ******Note: This map shows the Benjamin Gilpin 1784 property--James bought it in 1794. Fork Baptist Church was on the John March property. In 1807 James sold the Gilpin tract and bought 216 A of the John Harry tract laying between (Giles) Mill Creek and John's (Harry's) Creek.

5. (Click here to see GPS coordinates showing approximate location of Unaka Baptist Church, Cherokee County, N. C. James A. and Rutha Estep Thompson donated this land to the church. The Thompsons lived here between 1848 and 1914. Elisha Thompson died there in 1857. Some Thompson descendants still live in this area.)

6. (Click here to see GPS coordinates showing approx. location of Union McMinn Baptist Church. Rev. William Thompson was a pastor of this church around Civil War Era. The Thompson's moved to McMinn County from North Carolina about 1858 and lived at location 1-green circle. They moved back to Unaka, North Carolina for a time period and James A. Thompson and Ruthy lived there until they died about 1914. But Joseph Henry Thompson moved back to McMinn County near point 3 -purple circle. His son James Henry Thompson bought property located at point 2 - yellow circle and lived there until he died in 1946. The Thompson family sold that property about 1952.)


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