****2015 Song Releases by Ron Thompson****


Artist:Ron Thompson
Songwriter: James Ronald Thompson BMI
Publishing company: Treed Lion Music BMI

The Mp3 files are recorded as 320k files. To listen to the albums, please download the MP3 file and then save it to your hard drive. Then open the file and listen to it using your media player. If you try to listen to the files directly through modem link, you will probably experience pauses because the modem most likely will not be able to handle the data at a fast enough rate.

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The songwriter's background for each of these songs is given by this file:
Click here for story behind the following songs.

           Song Titles                                                           

NEW SONG***   The Hook Of Love         x
Released Sept. 2015 on Glory Train Records and Nite*Sky Records labels to national and international independent radio stations.

Two new releases for Christmas 2015:
   Jesus' Christmas Gift         x

   Religious Persecution         x

The above song was written in memory of Rev. Joseph Alleine, the 9th great-grandfather of the writer/artist and ancestor of many of the Wigton, Scotland Walker descendants. Rev. Alleine's grand-daughter Katherine Rutherford married John Walker II. Rev. Alleine was thrown into prison because of the Uniformity Of Religon act in England which only allowed ministers to preach if ordained by the Anglican Church. The act forced all citizens to attend and tithe ONLY to the Anglican Church. Rev. Alleine who had a degree in divinity from Oxford died in prison having written several books while imprisoned. Rev. John Wesley, a personal friend and fellow minister, used some of those works in establishing the Methodist Faith.

1.   It Don't Matter Any More         x

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2.   That's The Way Of Life             x

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3.   Tears On The Mountain             x

4.   That Old Lawyer Guy                x

August 2015 chart    

5.   Puttin On A Show                      x

August 2015 chart     New York Review July 2015    

6.   The Lying Dog Monkey                      x

August 2015 chart