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This file is intended to supplement the Mountain Heritage book sold by the Unaka Community Center in Cherokee County, N. C.

The Thompson family was intermarried with descendants from the early Dutch and Hugenot settlers of Ulster County, N. Y. Being among the earliest of families who migrated to America because of religious persecution, their descendants are widely dispersed across the U. S. Among them were the DuBois, Eltinge, and Van Meteren families with the DuBois family being descended from French Royality banished from France because of their protestant beliefs. Most of the files pertaining to Louis DuBois trace his ancestry back to Charlgemagne and the kings of four European nations. Rebecca Van Meteren, the spouse of Cornelius Eltinge and mother of Yacomintye Eltinge, was the daughter of John Van Meteren and Sarah Dubois, the daughter of Louis DuBois.

The internet is filled with a lot of nonsense and false information about John Thompson and Yacomintye Eltinge. If the people who copy garbage would simply read the wills and land grant records from Charles County, Md. the facts are there. William Thompson, the father of John Thompson, had a 1685 land grant tract located at Fort Lincoln Cemetery called Scotland. He married his NEIGHBOR, Ann Chittam/Chattham, in Scotland Hundred of Charles County, Md. Her father, John Chittam/Chatham was from ENGLAND, NOT SCOTLAND. John Thomson was named after John Chittam/Chattham, his maternal grandfather as proven by John Chittam/Chattham's will. William Thomson fled Edenburgh, Scotland just prior to the 1685 Killing Times being transported by Col. Ninian Bealle along with his brother Christopher. William Thomson's first born son was Christopher. Cornelius Eltinge had a grist mill at the outlet of Seneca Creek to the Potomac River and that was where John Thompson met Yacomintye. Simply read the book, The Covenanter's Quest and there is actually a photograph of the old mill race in the book. There are also Montgomery County, Md. historical articles about the mill pasted into the book.

The Eltinge family is the common ancestral line for several historical figures such as Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Theodore Teddy Roosevelt, General George S. Patton, and Isaac Hite Jr. Both General George S. Patton and Isaac Hite Jr. were descended from the sister of Yacomintye Eltinge Thompson who married John Thompson, the son of migrating ancestor William Thomson and Ann Chittham. Both Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Theodore Teddy Roosevelt were descended from the half sister of Yacomintye's father Cornelius Eltinge. His mother, Jacomintye Jemiah Slecht was first married to Jan Kunst and their daughter Heyltje Kunst married Nicholas Roosevelt, the ancestor of both Teddy Roosevelt and Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Isaac Hite Jr. was the first cousin of William Thompson, the son of John Thompson and Yacomintye Eltinge. At one time Isaac Hite Jr. was the third richest person in America and married to Eleanor Dollie Madison, the sister of president James Madison. The Thompson family were the poor cousins because their parents died young and relatives misappropriated a lot of the inheritance of the orphaned children.

For whatever it is worth, it might be of interest to some descendants of the Thompson family to know their exact relationship to some of these historical figures. The following kinship reports document the exact connections as defined the Thompson family ged. The ged on this web site isn't available to the general public and requires a password and user name for download. Also, the relationship of distantly related cousins has not always been included in the ged on this site.

Click here to download the kinship report of General George S. Patton

Click here to download the kinship report of Isaac Hite Jr.

Click here to download the kinship report of President Teddy Roosevelt.

Click here to download the kinship report of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

The history of the Thomson family runs parallel with that of a multitude of Scottish families who were being murdered and persecuted by Kings Charles I and Charles II of England. The evil of these power hungry rulers is a repeat of history from the beginning of time perpetuated by animals like Cain who murdered his own brother as provided by the historical account in Genesis. It is also the story of those who live with a blood lust for power exactly as we are seeing in America today.

The Thompson lineage in America began with William Thompson and brother Christopher Thompson who settled in Scotland Hundred at Bladensburg, Md. Another brother, Walter Thompson remained in Scotland. It is possible that James Thompson who also settled in Scotland Hundred was a brother but the Maryland records have no evidence of him being associated with either William or Christopher Thompson.

Family finder dna tests indicate through about six matches that there are cousin relationships to the William Thompson and Nancy Jackson descendants of Russell County, Va. This connection was from John Walker III and Ann Houston's daughter Sussannah Walker who married Porter and lived in the same location. When our y-dna test results were compared to a William Thompson and Nancy Jackson paternal line descendant they were a match of -1 of 12 markers, -4 of 25 markers, and -10 of 37 markers, indicating a paternal line connection about 350 A.D. or earlier. Thesehese are the same Thomson paternal lines but probably connected back in Scotland. In 1810 James Thompson and Nancy sold a property that they owned in Russell County, Va. and were at that time missing from the 1810 census of Rowan County, N. C. with Mary Pack living in their house with some of their children. Russell County, Va. records also show that a Fields family was living in the same location. Some of the William Thompson and Nancy Jackson descendants are about 6th cousins related through the Pat Porter and Susannah Walker line descended from John Walker III and Ann Houston line of Russell County, Va.

The way politicians work today is that they gain control of the press and influience the opinion of the masses via lying and false propaganda. Anyone who doesn't understand that this has happened in America is increditibly dense. This is possible because of mass communication via radio, tv, and the internet. The powers of darkness have gained control of most of the tv networks but they are in a blood lust to also control the internet as well.

When King Charles I was in power about 1646 the propaganda machine was different. The only time the masses came together was public worship. So the powers of evil and darkness decided to control the media by controlling the pulpits aka "kirk" of Scotland and England. They did that via decree and the King replaced the Scottish Kirk with his own puppet ministers. Their "god" was the King and they represented the powers of darkness. Those who were spritually guided understood that literally the powers of darkness had taken control of their pulpits so they wrote a document called the Scottish National Covenant. CONTRARY to the lying history channel, this document simply stated that neither the Pope nor the King was the head of the church but Jesus was the head of the church. And the supporters of the covenant often signed using the blood from their own bodies. They wore a red scarf around their necks signifying their support of the covenant, therefore being called "rednecks." When you understand this fact you understand the nature of those of the history channel who present programming running down "rednecks" and portraying them as ignorant and stupid individuals. In ACTUAL FACT, some of those protestants chose to leave the ranks of royality and suffer for the sake of their God. The DuBois family is one example of those who descended from the crowns of four nations and chose to suffer in America in support of what they believed. While the ancestors of the history channel employees were probably illiterate and truly ignorant, you can check the records of Bladensburg, Maryland in Scotland Hundred and find that William Thomson was not only literate but willed his divinity books to his grandson, proving that he had been educated at least partially in the college seminary.

Cromwell cut short the vicious attacks of King Charles I and sent him on to face the God he denied by cutting his head off. But his sons fled and escaped the justice that was due them. After Cromwell died King Charles II came back into power and began the same demonic tactics of his father by persecuting the church. Later his brother King James II took the throne and continued the same tactics. The years of 1685-1690 were called "The Killing Times" and the English crown initiated the murder of over 10,000 covenanter Scotts. This was the motivation for the Thomsons fleeing Scotland for America. The same was true for the Walker, Cowan, Houston, Rutherford, Weir, Anderson, and the entire group of related families who fled to Ireland and later migrated on to America. It was NEVER an issue of the church controlling the STATE. It was ALWAYS the issue of the STATE controlling the CHURCH. AGAIN, this legion of modern devils are lying about the issue of the separation of church and state. The purpose was NOT to take christian values out of the state but to PREVENT the state from controlling the church and lives and destiny of men. It was the forces of darkness imposing their will upon the church.

The Scotts took to the fields and held church in the fields and the king retaliated. He rounded them up and murdered some, threw others into prison, and banished others to the colonies. In one instance he hired mercenaries from the Scottish Highlands from the non-christian clans and they came to the lowlands where they plundered the resources of the innocent. In one situation they rammed a dirk into the side of a pregnant wife of a minister, killing her baby and then she died a few days later. They were baby murderers.

The Col. Ninian Bealle is called the "father of presbyterianism in America. During this time period leading up to 1685 he had come from prison to America and began to import people to a location near Bladensburg, Maryland which came to be called "Scotland Hundred." The crown wanted to banish people from the location they wanted to control and they needed people to place as fodder between their colonists and the Indians in America. So they allowed the Scotts to leave England and settle in America, both to work their plantations and to stand between the ruling class and the Indians. The Col. Ninian Bealle transported an entire Presbyterian congregation to America from the Edingburgh, Scotland area. Among them were brothers Christopher Thomson and William Thomson. The Rev. Nathaniel Taylor was the first minister of the church that was founded at Bladensburg, Maryland and Christopher Thomson was a trustee of that church.

When they came to America neither Christopher Thomson nor his brother William were married. In Bladensburgh, Maryland Christopher Thomson married Grace Young, a widow, and William Thomson married Ann Chittham, the daughter of John Chittham from England. There is an original land grant map of the area and a list of names of all the original land grant owners. Most of the original deeds, documents, wills, and other items still exist in this location and were never burned in all the wars. So this valuable source documentation proves the ancestry and descendant lines of the Thompson family. William Thomson and Ann Chittham Thomson had children Margaret, Mary, Christopher, and John. Margaret married James Shaw who died young and married second Robert Riddle. Mary married James Marcey Pearre and the couple owned a farm located near Comus, Maryland which remained in the family until sold about 1948. (The details are in the book "The History Of Comus" written by Donna Cutler.) William's son, Christopher died young and never married. John Thompson and brother-in-law James Marcey Pearre signed as witnesses on the Allison property upon which the White House now sits. John married Yacomintye Eltinge and the couple had children William, John, Cornelius, and Ann.

John and Yacomintye ELtinge Thompson's son William Thompson married Susannah Fields, the daughter of James Fields and unknown spouse. William's brother John Thompson married Eleanor Dick, the daughter of Archibald Dick. William's brother Cornelius Thompson married an Elizabeth Unknown. William's sister Ann Thompson married Angus McDonald who collected rent for George Washington on property that Washington owned in Virginia. There is a George Washington diary entry that "Mr Mason, Mr Thompson and Mr McDonald" were guests for dinner. John and Cornelius Thompson moved to Berkeley County, W. V. where Cornelius Thompson left part of his estate to Elisha Thompson, the son of his brother John. This Elisha Thompson married Elizabeth Sperry and lived in Hampshire County, W. V. He would have been the first cousin of James Fields Thompson and likely James' son Elisha Thompson who married Betsie Taylor was named after him. Some sources show that Betsie Taylor Thompson's father was John Taylor of Hampshire County, W. V. which seems likely but without proof. At last account Hunter McDonald of Nashville, Tn. had a letter written from George Washington to Angus McDonald about collection of the rent on his properties. Mayland State archieves have chancery court records showing that John Thompson and wife Yacomintye Eltinge left their estate to children William Thompson, Anna Thompson McDonald (who married Angus McDonald), John Thompson and Cornelius Thompson. William Thompson died about 1793 and was on the 1783 and 1790 Maryland Tax Records for Seneca Hundred adjoining William Pack Sr., Joseph Fields, and other relatvies. One commentary about this entry falsely attributes William as being a merchant and the son of Rev. John Thompson who died twenty years later than indicated by the Maryland estate records for William's father John. There are a multitude of deeds pertaining to properties that the Thompsons owned in Maryland. Pictures of the properties and other details are in the book. The truth is that you can't correct the wrong speculation in the diary put forth by people who made only a superficial study and haven't looked at chancery court records and deeds.

Some sites represent a George Thompson descended from this line. The Thompsons indicated on this site are documented in the wills and estate records of Prince George's County, Charles County, Fredericks, and Montgomery County, Md. There is no documentation for a George Thompson or Teeter line connected to this family. BUT, there was a George Thompson who owned a property called Duddingston Manor and Duddingston Pasture which adjoined "The Nock" owned by Walter Thomson, the brother of William Thomson. The documentation that I've seen seems to indicate that he comes from St. Mary's County, Md. and was in America much earlier than William and Christopher Thomson. If so, the George Thompson of St. Mary's County, Md. is another line of Thompsons and has a different y-dna profile BUT this might not be the same person. My opinion is that George Thompson who named his property Duddingston Manor would very likely be from the lost Thomson descendants of Sir Thomas Thomson of Edinburgh, Scotland who was knighted. This is for certain the same location that our Thomson line came from and possibly is the same line. The ONLY way a person could know for certain is if a proven descendant from this George Thompson matches to our Thompson y-dna profile. Another thing that might indicate that our Thomson ancestral line is the lost descendants from Sir Thomas Thomson of Duddingston at Edinburgh, Scotland is that our y-dna profile is only a one marker mismatch from the current chief of clan MacTavish. I found nothing in the way of proof of connection other than the fact that George Thompson named his estate Duddingston Manor and it doesn't seem likely he would have done that unless he was descended from that Thomson lineage.

After 1780 there are Thompson paternal lines descended from both William Thompson and Susannah Fields and from his brother John Thompson and Elleanor "Nellie" Dick. This paternal line should match the y-dna profile of descendants from both Henry Thompson who married Rebecca Van Meteren's first cousin Elizabeth Hammell and to descendants from James Fields Thompson. William' brothers Cornelius and John went to Berkeley County, W. V. From there John's son, Elisha married Elizabeth Sperry and was an early judge in Hampshire County, W. V. Their sons Isaac Newton Thompson and Peter Thompson went from Hampshire County to Missouri and thence to Pike County, Illinois where they are found in a historical article as early pioneers. The Thompson y-dna profile is found in the appendix of the book "The Covenanter's Quest." The cousin relationships of these Thompson descendants to Van Meteren and Dubois descendants has also been documented so the dna evidence agrees with the documentation. The locations where these Thompson lived is documented in deeds, wills, estate records, and maps and there are pictures of the actual properties they owned in Maryland and North Carolina. Researchers should keep in mind that these families followed the Scottish naming tradition.

A brief summary of the Thompson lineage is:
Generation 1: William Thomson and Ann Chittam Thompson-children Christopher, John, Mary Thompson Pearre, and Margaret Thompson Shaw
Generation 2: John Thompson and Yacomintye Eltinge Thompson-children William Thompson, John Thompson, Cornelius Thompson Anna Thompson McDonald
Generation 3: William Thompson and wife Susannah Fields Thompson-Their children are indicated on the James Fields Thompson one line ancestry file below.
Generation 4. James Fields Thompson and wife Nancy Pack Thompson-Their children are indicated on the James Fields Thompson rtf file below.
Generation 5. Elisha Thompson and wife Elizabeth "Betsie" Taylor Thompson-Their children are indicated on the James Fields Thompson rtf file below.
Generation 6. Rev. William Thompson and wife Annie Penix Thompson;James Thompson and Rutha Estep Thompson-Their children are indicated on the James Fields Thompson rtf file below.
Generation 7. Joseph Henry Thompson and wife Martha Lucinda Thompson (first cousins)-Their children are indicated on the James Fields Thompson rtf file below.
Generation 8. James Henry Thompson and wife Hester Lily Grant Thompson-Their children are listed on the James Fields Thompson rft file below or on the above GED file..

From Scotland Hundred of Prince Georges/Charles County, Maryland these family groups migrated up the Potomac River. The second generation lived in Fredericks/Montgomery County, Maryland where the next generation was raised. The third generation migrated through West Virginia, some going to Berkeley, W. V. and others going to the New River area which became Russell and Scott County, Va. From there they migrated to Rowan County, N. C. The migration paths were determined by the locations where new land grants became available.

The following links are for books and other documentation which has been written about the Thompsons and associated families. Included are the family files for the Fields, Pack, Estep, Penix, Taylor, Brock, and other families who are related by marriage to this family.

Click here to download book about the Brocks of McMinn County, Tn. called "A Legacy In The Land."

Click here to go to McMinn County, Tn. Walker Family research page

The book, "The Covenanter's Quest" has been written to document the migration of Scotsman William Thomson to America from Edinburgh, Scotland.

Click here to download book about the William Thompson descendants called "The Covenanter's Quest"

Click here for an Appendix file showing DNA test results from descendant Ron Thompson

GED file for William Thomson and descendants--This contains ALL known descendant lines.
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The account about the Thompson's Dutch maternal ancestors begins with John Van Meteren and his wife Sarah DuBois Van Meteren. The couple were the parents of Rebecca Van Meteren who married Cornelius Eltinge. Yacomintye Eltinge, the daughter of Cornelius and Rebecca Van Meteren Eltinge, married John Thompson who was the son of migrating ancestor William Thomson. The Van Meteren family migrated from Kingston, Ulster County, New York to New Jersey and thence to Maryland where Cornelius Eltinge owned a grist mill at the outlet of Seneca Creek to the Potomac River.

General George S. Patton was descended from Eleanor Eltinge, the sister of Yacomintye Eltinge Thompson. Eleanor married Isaac Hite Sr. Another sister, Sarah Eltinge, was married to Isacc's brother John Hite. John and Yacomintye Eltinge Thompson's son, William Thompson married Susannah Fields and their son James Fields Thompson was the father of Elisha Thompson.

The earliest Thomson maternal ancestors in America were the Dutch and Hugenot families who migrated to Kingston, Ulster County, New York about 1650. They established the Dutch Reformed Church at Kingston which is still active and is probably the earliest religious body that is still in existence. The Van Meteren and DuBois maternal ancestors are buried in the cemetery at this church, although the graves are not individually marked.

The Van Meteren family was from "Van" Metere of the Netherlands. The DuBois family was descended from both English and French Crowns and banished because of their Protestant religious views. According to internet files for the DuBois family, among Sarah Dubois' maternal ancestors were Kings Henry I and Henry II of England, Frankish E. Charlemagne, and Kings of Italy and Germany. It seems almost unbelievable that these were the ancestors of Sarah DuBois. However, if anyone wants to examine the internet ancestral files for Sarah DuBois you can do so from the following file:

Click here for the Sarah DuBois ancestral file based on internet sources.

Several people who have the DuBois family in their ancestral files have uploaded geds to the gedmatch.com site. Some of those people have also uploaded raw autosomal dna files to the site. The following pdf document discusses the comparison of three proven Thompson descendant's raw data files with the raw data files of those DuBois descendants. The gedmatch.com site allows one to one comparison of autosomal dna raw data files to detect cousin relationships. So if anyone thinks they are also descended from the DuBois family they can upload their own autosomal dna files to gedmatch.com and compare against the test numbers found in the attached discussion. When autosomal dna raw data files from those claiming to be descended from the DuBois family were compared to the Thompson raw data files they did match as cousins. They also matched as cousins to each other. The raw data files found in the following link are a good bench mark to confirm the DuBois family as ancestors. Also, one file is a raw data file from a person claiming descent from Rebecca Van Meteren Eltinge and that person also matches as a cousin to the Thompsons and to the others as well.

Click here to download the Thompson and DuBois dna analysis procedures and disucssion.

There are details documented in early Maryland records which indicate that brothers Christopher and William Thomson were transported to Scotland Hundred among a congregation of Prebyterian Scotts who formed the Presbyterian Church at Bladensburg, Maryland. William Thomson was settled upon property called "Scotland" upon which the Fort Lincoln Cemetery now sits. His name and that of his property are on the plaque at the location. His brother, Christopher Thomson, was settled upon property called "White Lackington." Another brother "Walter Thomson" had property in Scotland Hundred at Bladensburg, Maryland but remained in Edinburgh, Scotland where he was a merchant. All the specific details including those about William's father-in-law John Chittham/Chattham are included in the book.

The last account of John and Yacomintye Eltinge Thompson's sons John and Cornelius was in Berkeley County, West Virginia. Most of the Thompson properties were on land that was formerly part of a 40,000 acre land grant obtained by John Van Meteren from the English Crown. But John Van Meteren sold that land grant to Isaac Hiatt Sr. whose son later became one of the richest people in America, marrying "Dolly" Madison, the sister of President James Madison.

Another interesting historical note is that General George S. Patton was descended from Yacomintye Elting Thompson's sister Eleanor who married Col. Isaac Hite.

(Click here for a picture of William Thompson's first cousin Isaac Hite Jr., a picture of the house he built, and a picture of his wife Nellie Madison, sister of President James Madison.) It should be noted that the Hite family wealth probably came from the 40,000 acres that Joist Hite bought from John Van Meteren. The Thompsons inherited some property from their parents but since they were eight years old and younger when they were orphaned they were placed into the care of relatives, some of whom took the children's property and land rents for their OWN use. It was only after 1790 before anything was received from the stolen assets. The guilty parties never paid the court judgement to the Thompsons and properties were sold by the Sheriff to make a partial payment. The only evidence that William Thompson owned property when he died was indicated by the Augusta County, Virgina court suit of Marshall vs Thompson indicating a disputed property located in Hampshire County, Virginia having the same adjoining neighbors as indicated on the Isaac Hite deed. Probably the Thompsons received about $100.00 each from William Thompson's estate because James Fields Thompson was a poor tenant farmer in Montgomery Maryland working on the Trail property. Yet when he migrated to Rowan/Davie County, N. C. in 1794 he purchased a property from Benjamin Gilpin for about $100.00. He later purchased a better property and sold the first after Nancy Pack Thompson received $100.00 for her father's estate.

(Click here for ancestrial line for General George S. Patton and Thompsons all descended from the daughters of Cornelius and Rebecca Van Meteren Eltinge.)

The Eltinge maternal line is also interesting. Cornelius Eltinge was the father of Yacomintye Eltinge who married John Thompson. The mother of Cornelius Eltinge was Jacomyntje Slecht who married first Jan Kunst and their daughter Hyltje Kunst married Nicholas Roosevelt, the ancestor of both President Teddy Roosevelt and Franklin Delano Roosevelt. She married third Jan Roelloffson Eltinge and they were the parents of Cornelius Eltinge. So Cornelius Eltinge, the father of Jacomintye Eltinge Thompson was the half brother to Hyltje Kunst, the ancestor of two U. S. presidents.

(Click here for ancestrial line for file that shows the relationship of the Thompson descendants to the Roosevelt descendants.

The Thompson Y-DNA is documented in appendix I of the book "The Covenanter's Quest." This profile has been confirmed by matches from John Harvey Thompson and Elisha Thompson descendants as well. The Y-DNA profiles match for Cecil Thompson (John Harvey Thompson descendant), Jeff Thompson (descended from Elisha Thompson's son Elisha), Charles Gregory Thompson descended from Elisha Thompson's son William, and Ron Thompson (descended from Elisha Thompson's son James). These y-dna profiles are -4 of 37 marker match to descendants from Henry Thompson of Yorkshire, England who was married to Elizabeth Hammell, the first cousin of Rebecca Van Meteren. So both documentation and dna evidence connects the same Scottish and Dutch lines. James Ronald Thompson also did a cousin finder test which is valid for both male and females through 5th cousins. These test results confirmed 4th cousin matches for James Ronald Thompson, Lee Henry Estep who descends from Nehemiah Thompson, and Pat Brawner Schiro who is descended from Elisha Thompson's daughter Nancy who married William Gentry. So if anyone wants to confirm a relationship to this Thompson line the DNA tests are available for comparison. There are several lines of Thompsons who are related to this family but who remain unlocated.

Although many attempts have been made to locate descendants from the brothers of William Thompson, none have been identified. It appeared from autosomal dna matches that the descendants from William Thompson and Nancy Jackson of Russell County, Va. were the same line and the y-dna tests indicate that their profiles match at 12 and 25 markers but their common ancestor is much further back and lived in Scotland. The only proven Thompson descendants from our line are those who descend from William Thompson and Susannah Fields Thompson through their son James Fields Thompson. There were sons John, Joseph, Henry, and William whose descendants have never been located. They also appear to have disappeared into West Virginia. Because of the faulty research and the reluctance of researchers to admit errors it appears that the only way these descendants will be identified is by a y-dna match to the three Thompson descendants from James Fields Thompson and wife Nancy Pack Thompson. The descendants from Cornelius Thompson appear to have gone to Hampshire County, West Virginia where their Van Meteren cousins and Isaac Hite Sr. owned property.

The Thompson raw data file from descendants James Ronald Thompson and Lee Henry Estep have been uploaded to the gedmatch.com web site. You can go to that site and do comparisons of the Thompson chromosome patterns to those of others who have uploaded to that site. The number of James Ronald Thompson's file is f188390. The number for Lee Henry Estep's file is f198176. The Thompson family ged file is identified as number 1337283.

Many of the Montgomery County, Maryland famlies migrated to Rowan/Davie County, N. C. At this location families from Virginia also converged and inter-married. A DNA analysis has proven the relationship of many of these families. One family of interest was that of Samuel Estep and Susannah Adams. Estep researchers show that two of the Samuel and Susannah Adams Estep children were Henry Estep and Jacob Estep. Because of location and other details, Thompson researchers thought that Samuel Estep was the father of Henry Estep whose descendants intermarried with the Thompson family. Direct paternal line descendant Lee Henry Estep was located and agreed to take the DNA test. Thanks to his results there is absolutely conclusive proof to show that both Lee Henry Estep and cousin James Ronald Thompson are cousins to the Caudill family and the Adams family as well. However, since the Estep y-dna profile matches to that of Nathaniel Horton of Wilkes County, N. C. there was reason to question whether or not Samuel Estep was the father of Henry Estep. To answer that question a paternal line descendant from Jacob Estep was located and took the y-dna test and family finder test. The earliest tested Estep of this line who took the family finder test matched at about 5th or 6th cousin to Lee Henry Estep. But the y-dna profile of the Jacob Estep descendant matches to that of a John Eastop descendant and a Thomas Estep Sr. descendant. So this y-dna match of the Jacob Estep descendant validates the opinion that the matching profile represents the Thomas Estep Sr. lineage. But the Henry Estep paternal line does NOT descend from Samuel Estep.

Lee Henry Estep and James Ronald Thompson are documented sharing autosomal dna at about sixth cousin range to the descendants from Shadrach Estep and Ruth Dugger. But there is little or no autosomal dna shared with some of the group who claim to be descended from Thomas Estep Sr. Based on the dna evidence it is the opinion of this researcher that the Henry Estep was the son of a descendant from Nathaniel Horton and Susannah Adams. This means that there is no paternal line dna shared with the Thomas Estep Sr. descendants. The y-dna matches of Lee Henry Estep conclusively prove that this profile matches that of the Horton family from England. Whether the relationship was from a step son or a non-parental event will not be provable. So this is where the Estep research ends.

There are family finder matches to about 12 direct line descendants from John and Ann Caudill Adams. Also, it is noted that many researchers do not include Ann Caudill as the daughter of Stephen and Mary Elizabeth Fields Caudill. But they do list a Mary Caudill of the correct age without known husband. There is at least one cousin match whose ancestor John Adams Sr.'s spouse is listed as Mary Ann Caudill. There is plenty of evidence to prove that the Henry Estep descendants are cousins to the Caudill family. That fact supports the opinion that this Mary Caudill was the same as the spouse of John Adams Sr. ALSO the 1787 census of Wilkes County, N. C. shows Stephen Caudill, John Adams Sr., and a multitude of their sons living as a group of neighbors. ALSO in Wilkes County, N. C. was Nathan/Nathaniel Horton whose y-dna profile is a match to Lee Henry Estep. And Lee Henry Estep is also a family finder cousin match to a Davis family descended from a Nathan/Nathaniel Horton daughter.

The Rowan County, N. C. deed abstracts provide further proof. Benjamin Caudill, the brother to Ann Caudill Adams, signed as a witness on a deed of purchase for David Caudill who bought the property where the original Samuel Estep land grant is shown on the Davie County, N. C. land grant map. Stephen Caudill's son, Isham Caudill married Elizabeth Buckner who probably was the sister of John Buckner. The Rowan County, N. C. deed abstracts include a property purchase by Edward Buckner (who married Nancy Thompson, the daughter of James Fields Thompson) and the list of witnesses include Isham Caudill, Benjamin Caudill, and John Buckner. John Buckner's daughter Annie married James Fields Thompson's son Azariah Pack Thompson. So there is documented evidence of family relationships between the Buckner, Caudill, and Thompson families prior to Wilkes and Buuncombe County, N. C. The Estep family finder matches show that Lee Henry Estep and James Ronald Thompson are cousins to a big portion of those Adams, Estep, and other families who migrated to Wilkes County, N. C. and thence to Floyd/Letcher County, Kentucky.

Wilkes County, N. C. is the location where Elisha Thompson first migrated. Some of Elisha Thompson's children were born in Wilkes County, N. C. The Thompson, Sams, Buckner, Estep, Penix, and others migrated further to Buncombe County, N. C. and bought property near the Big Ivy River north of Flat Creek Baptist Church. The minutes of the church prove the attendance of the Thompson, Penix, Sams, and Buckner families there. Also proven in the minutes is a marital relationship between the Sams family and the Buckner family, likely the daughter of Nancy Thompson Buckner who married a Sams.
(Click here for an online streamed version of the Flat Creek Baptist Church Minutes.)


If you do a ged file comparison with the Thompson ged file against the entire public data base on that site you will find Sarah DuBois listed in the ancestral files of several families. I was curious as to whether or not the DNA profiles would be shared between these descendant lines from the DuBois family. So I compared the test numbers which were given with the GED files which showed Sarah DuBois and an ancestor. I knew that the distance was at about 9th or 10th cousin range but ran the comparison. What I found is that ALL of the Thompson descendants DO SHARE autosomal DNA with these people who claim Sarah DuBois in their ancestral line. To protect the privacy of those others who match, I am not listing their test numbers. But I share above 6 cM of continous block autosomal dna and about three blocks of dna with one person's raw data. Lee Henry Estep shares three blocks of dna with the same person but with block widths of about 4 cM. So these results are in fact consistent with the claims about the DuBois family as ancestors. Further, there are multiple files with connection to the same family and they all DO SHARE common autosomal dna with the Thompson descendants. So the dna evidence is confirming the accuracy of the ged files.

In order to aid in cousin finder research the ancestral file of James Ronald Thompson for FT-DNA cousin test number 188390 has been added which can be downloaded from the following links. Several ancestral lines have already been confirmed by Y-DNA tests and Ft-DNA cousin finder tests. A connection between Mary Jane Potts and James Potts has been indicated by a cousin finder match of descendant Ron Thompson to 5th-distant cousin Gary Wayne Bradford who is descended from James Potts. Most likely other Potts family matches are in the family finder results as well. In 1810 John Penix and Mary Jane Potts were living in Russell County, Virginia near his father, Joshua Penix. By 1820 they had moved back to Burke County, N. C. In later years John and Mary Jane Potts Penix moved to Buncombe County, N. C. and were in attendance at Flat Creek Baptist Church before moving their membership to Big Ivy Baptist Church near Barnardsville, N. C. The church records at Big Ivy Baptist Church were destroyed by fire in 1904.


Click here to download shortened version of Ron Thompson's ancestral file.

The following file is also included to aid in cousin finder searches. This file is for the ancestors of Violet Whaley who married George Treffenstatt. These are the ancestors of James Ronald Thompson.
Click here to download Ron Thompson's Whaley ancestral file.

Newly added to this site is the book "A Legacy In The Land" which is the story of the McMinn County, Tennessee Brock family. This is the maternal ancestrial line of the web site owner. It includes Terry Wayne Brock and Elizabeth Walker descendants from Alfred Berry Brock and Hariett Smith. Also included are the Wattenbarger and Smith ancestral lines. This 98 megabyte file is not downloadable by phone modem because of the time it requires.

The following PDF file contains all known ancestors for Guilema Rebecca Brock Thompson. This includes the Smith, Wattenbarger, and Brock families.
Click here to download Guilema Rebecca Brock Thompson ancestrial file.

Click here to download file containing Guilma Rebecca Brock's Buttram ancestors.

The specific details, deeds, wills, and other proof documents are contained in the various chapters of the book "The Covenanter's Quest" which can be downloaded from this web site.

The Thompsons, Pack, and Fields, Penix, and Potts ancestors fought in the Revolutionary War. The Thompson, Pack, and Fields families fought in the Montgomery County, Maryland Militia. Henry C. Peden, Jr in the book Rev. Patriots of Montgomery County, Maryland 1776-1783 indicates on page 256 that William Pack Sr was Private, 1st Co., Middle Bn., Militia Aug 30 1777. That was James Fields Thompson's father in law. On page 112 Peden states that James (plus brother Matthew) Fields joined as private, 4th Co., Upper Bn Miliitia Aug. 30, 1777. These were James Fields Thompson's cousins. On page 323 Peden documents that James Thompson Private, 4th Co., Middle Bn Militia Sept 1777 joined the SAME company at the same time as did his Fields cousins. His brother John Thompson is shown on that same page and documented as joining on the same day but was placed into 3rd Co., Middle Bn.

James Fields Thompson grandson, the Rev. William Thompson married into the maternal lines of Potts and Joshua Penix. The father of Mary Jane Potts is unknown although James Potts was the only Potts living in the area where she married John Penix. Mary Jane Potts Penix's census records indicate she was born before James Potts married Susannah Absher. But the cousin finder match to a James Potts descendant trumps the census records or possibly James Potts had been married previously and Susannah Absher was his second wife, not first. There are so many errors in old documents and in particular census records that they are not an authoritative source. (Even my own father's birth certificate is recorded with the wrong name on it.) John Penix's daughter Annie Penix was my great great grandmother. John's father Joshua Penix fought in the Revolutionary War with Daniel Boone and is listed on the plaque at Boonesborough. So three of these four related families are documented as contributing in some way to the Revolutionary War efforts and are all the ancestors of James Ronald Thompson, owner of this web site.

Click here to download a pdf file containing the ancestrial fan tree for James Henry Thompson, grandfather of web site owner.

The following three links require a password. These files are ONLY available to direct Thompson family descendants. You must go to the home page and send an e-mail to Ron Thompson per the contact information from that page to obtain a password to download these files.

(Electronic book "From The Cradle To The Grave-The William Thompson Family From Edinburgh, Scotland")--13.3 megabytes main book

(Electronic book ")--.5 megabytes appendix only

Click on this link to read the true origin of the word "Redneck"."REDNECK" DOES NOT AT ALL represent the slovenly and drunken class of people as portrayed by leftist social perverts. The term "Redneck" was a RELIGIOUS scarf or garment symbol worn around the neck by covenanter Presbyterian Scotts who objected to a carnal minded king presuming himself to be the HEAD of the church rather than Jesus. That covenant was signed by many of the Scotts using the blood from their own bodies as the ink. Click on the above link to read the details and to view Elisha Lunsford, the grandson of Elisha Thompson who wore the traditional scarf around his neck during the Civil War. No doubt his mother Elizabeth Thompson Lunsford made that scarf and gave it to her son to wear into battle. It is shown as a black and white picture but very probably was the traditional red and black scarf. To obtain FACTS about the Scottish National Covenant you can search the internet and obtain specific details about the murder ot the presbyterian Scotts by Kings Charles II and James II of England. If you are a Thompson descendant those details including the Scottish National Covenant are included in the Thompson Family Book "From The Cradle To The Grave".

There are several lost paternal descendant lines from John and Yacomintye Eltinge Thompson. We know that their son William had property in Hampshire County, W. V. and that his son John was living on it in 1801. We also know that William's brothers John and Cornelius died testate in Berkeley County, W. V.

If you are trying to locate your Thompson ancestors from Maryland or Virginia please check out information linked below:
Click here to check out these Thompsons of Maryland and Virginia.

Link to Mike Marshall's files pertaining to migrating ancestor William Thompson of Charles County, Maryland.

(Valerie Thompson Cearley has written a book "UNBROKEN CIRCLE" about some of the descendants of this family. Click here to obtain the details.)


(Click here to see EXACTLY where William Thom(p)son lived in Charles County, Maryland)
He owned the tract "Scotland" per the 1685 original landgrant and the Historic Fort Lincoln Cemetery waymark was on his property. Also, my research indicates that the spring house later built by George Conn was ALSO on the tract "Scotland". The map and GPS coordinates will take you to the spot where these Thomsons first lived in America. They were neighbors to the Rev. Hugh Conn and the Col. Ninian Bealle. MOST LIKELY William's son in law James Pearre was a relative of the Admiral Commodore Perry who later lived in the same location.

(Click here to see pictures of Mill Site at Seneca Ford where maternal ancestor Cornelius Eltinge owned a grist mill.)
He was John Thompson's father in law. The relics remaining at the site are from mills that were constructed at a later period on the same site.)

(Click here to see a picture of Great Falls, Maryland.)
John Thompson owned property in 1751 called Thompson's Hopyard. The southernmost boundary of that property lay near the second falls, per old Maryland State Archives. John Thompson also owned Darby Island and Fair Island when he died. It seems very likely that Olmstead Island is one of those tracts. The name was changed in about 1850 to honor a "politician".

(Click here for details about deeds recorded by William and John Thompson and descendants-from Montgomery Cnty. Hist. Society files and Charles County, Md records) ****It should be noted that the Potomack River landscape has changed and the names of the Islands are different now.****

John Thompson married Yacomintye Elting around 1737. She was the daughter of Cornelius and Rebecca Van Meteren Eltinge who operated a grist mill at the outlet of Seneca Creek to the Potomac River. John inherited property from his father William and later signed that property over to his nephew, Margaret Thompson Shaw's son William Shaw. John and Yacomintye settled in Fredericks County, Maryland. Take note that this area was orginally Charles County, Maryland and was renamed to Prince George's County and then Fredericks County, Maryland. Fredericks County, Maryland was then split to form two counties with the southern portion being Montgomery County and the northern portion remaining Fredericks County. The area where William Thompson was living is now part of Washington, D. C. and the area where John Thompson lived is now Montgomery County, Maryland. It appears that John and Yacomintye Thompson owned property obtained from her relatives and also from his own relatives. The locations of those properties can be seen pinpointed on an 1861 map found in the appendix A of the above listed book "The Coveanter's Quest." Also found in that book are pictures of the Thompson properties. Listed below is a link to a modern Street Atlas map which also shows Thompson property locations.

The DNA test results indicate that other relatives probably migrated to Ulster County, New York because there was a DNA match to a Henry Thompson in Brunswick, N. J. who married a relative of the Elting family. There also was another slightly more distant DNA match to a descendant of another Henry Thompson of Ulster County, New York. Then there was a similiar match to a William McTavish from Lanark, Scotland. Some historical sources state that the McTavish family were Highlander Scots who were defeated by the British in war duing the fifteenth century and afterwards changed their name to Thomson to avoid persecution.

(Click here for background about the Lord Fairfax Court Case referenced below. Fairfax disputed the land grant given to William Thompson's Great Great great grandfather John Van Meter/Meteren. Since John and Yacomintye Eltinge Thompson's son William inherited part of that property he HAS TO BE the William Thompson referenced in the suit. James Thompson is specifically named in the suit and as one of William's Children. This document combines a history of the Van Meteren pioneers in America with an account about the faith of Sarah Dubois' mother. Both Sarah Dubois and Joost (John Van Meteren) were captured by Indians as infants. The couple later married and were the maternal ancestors of the John Thompson family because their grand daughter Yacomintye Elting married John Thompson.

(Click here for details about Virginia Court Case listing William Thompson died 1793. It names the living children.) ***This should be a proof document showing that William Thompson had a son named James. Also the location was apparently Berkeley County, W. V.

(Click here for details about the Seneca Primitive Baptist Church-Fields and Packs attended this church

(Map location--Seneca Primitive Baptist Church was located at Dawsonville, Md. William Thompson probably lived between Dawsonville and the Potomac River. ****The small Islands located on the Potomac River are named differently now but probably belonged to John Thompson in 1751.****

John Thompson died between 1747 and 1751. His will named Yacomintye Eltinge Thompson and their children as heirs. But Yacomintye Eltinge Thompson also died shortly thereafter. When you consult the will of Yacomintye's widowed mother, Rebecca Eltinge, you find that she left her estate to her son Isaac Eltinge and nothing to her daughter Yacomintye. That was because Yacomintye was already deceased prior to her mother. Isaac Eltinge was the executor of Yacomintye Eltinge's estate and the guardian for her underaged children. But Isaac Eltinge also died and that responsibility fell to Rudolph Eltinge. Court records show that Isaac's widow Mary Eltinge was not satisfied with her share of the estate as outlined by the Isaac Eltinge will. So she filed a court document asking for her share per law. Internet sources state that Sarah Elting, the widow of Rudoplh Elting, took control of the property belonging to the Thompson children and took it for her own use until 1761. Sarah then married a Clappet and Mary Elting married John Cary. One Chancery court record was a petition by Sarah and John Clappet for relief in lieu of paying the amount ordered by a previous court. Chancery Court records as late as 1791 document that the Thompson children never received their property, although some records indicate a distribution of the estate.

LOCATION MAPS SHOWING THE SITE OF EACH HOME PLACE/PROPERTY OF THOMPSON MIGRATIONS ****Note: These maps trace William Thomson family origin in Edinburgh, Scotland and each successive generation thereafter beginning in Charles County, Maryland and ending in McMinn County, Tennessee****Take note that beginning in Edinburgh, Scotland and through 1828 the Thompsons ALWAYS lived near a major waterway. Edinburgh,Scotland was a port for seafaring ships. William Thomson migrated to America and lived near the Eastern Branch of the Potomac River and a ferry landing was located on his property. John Thompson lived near the Potomac River in Fredericks/Montgomery County, Maryland and owned Islands on the Potomac River. William Thompson lived on property willed to him near the Potomac River in Montgomery County, Maryland. James Fields Thompson bought property that was located within 1/4 mile of the Yadkin River in Davie County, North Carolina (formerly Rowan County). Elisha Thompson and descendants lived in Cherokee County, North Carolina not far from the Hiwassee River.

Nancy Pack Thompson's Pack ancestors
Street Atlas driving directions to James Thompson farm in Davie County, N. C.
Map Showing 1814 James Thompson Property Location: Davie County, N. C.
Original Davie County, N. C. landgrant map showing James Thompson Property Locations
****Note: Between 1794 and 1807 James Thompson lived on 164 A. property bought from Benjamin Gilpin. From 1807-1832 the family lived on property that was formerly owned by John Harry. That 216 acre tract lay between John's (Harry's) Creek and (Giles) Mill Creek.****
Download pages from History of Davie County about Fork Baptist Church-written by James W. Wall.
Download continuation page of above article.
Download Wordpad Document containing deed abstracts for James Fields Thompson property
DOWNLOAD JPG 1790 Montgomery County, MD Census file with William Thompson, William Pack Sr, Thomas Pack, Fields family + many more relatives ****Note: The above Montgomery County, Md census record indicates where James Thompson's father in law William Pack Sr. lived + other likely relatives ie William Thompson and Fields Family.
DOWNLOAD various Rowan County/Davie County, N. C. deed abstracts that pertain to James Thompson children and inlaws
DOWNLOAD JPG Historical 1878 Map of Davie County, N. C.
DOWNLOAD JPG Historical map showing original Davie County land grant owners AND the ORIGINAL LOCATION OF FORK BAPTIST CHURCH--probably site of lost cemetery
DOWNLOAD JPG 1800 Rowan Cnty Census file with James Fields Thompson, Reason Pack, Azariah Pack, + many more relatives
DOWNLOAD JPG 1820 Rowan Cnty Census file with Nancy Pack Thompson, Reason Pack, Azariah Pack, + many more relatives *****Note: The above Rowan County Census records are for that area now in Davie County just north of the Yadkin River.
DOWNLOAD RTF DATA FILE ABOUT Margaret Thompson Taggart Descendants
DOWNLOAD RTF DATA FILE ABOUT William J. and Lucy Banks Thompson Descendants
DOWNLOAD RTF DATA FILE ABOUT Zadock and Elizabeth Mullican Thompson Descendants
DOWNLOAD RTF DATA FILE ABOUT Reason and Hannah Robards Thompson Descendants
DOWNLOAD RTF DATA FILE ABOUT Azariah Pack Thompson Descendants
DOWNLOAD RTF DATA FILE which lists James Thompson's children and son Elisha Thompson descendants.
The above RTF file was compiled mostly by Elisha Thompson descendent Mike Colucci. I have managed to tie several internet files together regarding some of the James Thompson descendents. A special thanks is given to Mike for his efforts and hopefully he will not mind me sharing it with Thompson family researchers. The other files pertaining to James Thompson and Nancy Pack Thompson's children have been created with the assistance of researchers Barbara Turner and Virginia Helms Thompson. A special thank you is due both researchers. These files may have errors in them and definitely lack all of the descendants. They are here for research only. If any reader has information regarding James Thompson/Nancy Pack or descendants please contact me via e-mail address found on my home page.
Go To another internet site to view John Harvey Thompson files

Another object of this web page is to display and allow downloads of images of 1800 and 1900 era pictures of the descendants of James Thompson/Nancy Pack of Rowan County, Cherokee County, and Buncombe County North Carolina.

Recent research has confirmed that several Thompson maternal ancestors also followed the same migrational path as did the William Thompson descendants. In particular, the Estep family migrated from Charles County, Maryland to Fredericks/Montgomery County, Maryland and thence to Rowan/Davie County, North Carolina. Then a later migration took place toward Buncombe County, North Carolina with some ties to Wilkes and Burke Counties, North Carolina. Elisha Thompson's son James married Ruth Estep during that migration and some Esteps also migrated with the Thompsons to Cherorkee County, North Carolina. It appears that Ruth was the daughter of Henry Estep and wife Sarah MNU and the granddaughter of Susanna Adams Estep who lived within two miles of the James Fields Thompson property in Rowan/Davie County, North Carolina. That this is correct has been proven by the recent family finder dna matches to almost all of the families who descend from John Adams and Nancy Ann Caudill Admas who were the parents of Susannah Adams. But the Estep paternal line DNA profile appears to be the Horton line descended from Nathanial Horton of Ashe County, N. C. as shown by multiple dna matches. This makes it likely that Henry Estep was the son of a Horton male and Susannah Adams and either first husband or from a non parental event. Some of the later generations of Thompsons and Esteps migrated from Cherokee County, North Carolina into McMinn County and Polk County, Tennessee. Another maternal tie is between Joshua Penix and son John Penix via his daughter Annie Penix who married Rev. William Thompson, another of Elisha's sons. Those maternal family files are now included below in PDF format but keep in mind that part of the files came from other internet sources.

***Click here to view the picture of Lousia Penix Banks' tombstone located in Maney Cemetery in Buncombe County, N. C.
Louisa Penix Banks was the sister of Annie Penix Thompson and was the great-great-aunt of the web site owner. Special thanks to Valerie Thompson Cearley for doing the field trip, locating the tombstone, and taking this picture.

PDF file of Joshua Penix descendancy from his son John Penix.

This link gives a picture of Maney Cemetery in Buncombe County, N. C. where Annie Penix Thompson's sister Louisa is buried. Her tombstone indicates her as Louisa Banks, wife of Berry P. Banks and daughter of John Penix. Click here to go to remote site to view picture.

PDF file of Ruth Estep's ancestry and descendants. Ancestors previous to Samuel Estep are unproven but taken from internet sources.
Transcription of Simon Taylor's Hampshire County, Va. Will. **** No PROVEN descendant with Taylor dna has tested from Betsie Taylor Thompson's paternal ancestral line.****

The link below partially provides the ancestry of James Fields Thompson. The complete ancestrial line is found only in the Thompson Family GED file above.


Go To Page to View James Fields Thompson Homeplace Pictures (location Davie County, North Carolina
Go To Page To View John Harvey Thompson Family Pictures
Go To Page To View Azariah Pack Thompson Family Pictures
Go To Page To View Elisha Thompson Family Graves In Uanaka Baptist Church and Old Unaka Cemeteries ***Note:The Elisha Thompson grave is in Old Unaka Cemetery which is sometimes called Rose Cemetery ALTHOUGH the Thompson family owned BOTH properties and donated them.
Go To Page To View Thompson Family Graves In Union McMinn Baptist Church Cemetery


Thanks to Nina Bowman, descendant of Elisha Thompson's daughter Elizabeth Thompson Lunford, for the following three pictures.
Picture of Elisha Thompson's daughter Elizabeth Thompson and husband James Thomas Lunsford
Elisha Thompson's grandson Elisha Lunsford's Civil War picture -take note of red scottish scarf worn around neck-hence the term "redneck"
Elisha Lunsford was the second cousin to Mary Jane Lunsford, the greatgrandmother of Audie Leon Murphy who was the most decorated soldier in World War II. Nimrod Lunsford and Elizabeth Wyatt were their common ancestors whose son Michael Lunsford was Audio Leon Murphy s line and whose son Thomas Lunsford was the grandfather of Elisha Lunsford. James Thomas and Betsy Thompson Lunsford were Elisha Lunsford s parents
Picture of Elisha Lunsford's wife Sara Pruit Lunsford and family
*****Special thanks to Jim (Red) Thompson and wife Trudy of Phoenix, Az for these first four pictures.*****
NEW***Picture of Elisha Thompson's son Nehemiah M. Thompson and his wife Lucienda Jane FieldsView Nehemiah and Lucienda Jane
NEW***Picture of Turkey Creek Baptist Church (Tellico Mountains) ca 1920-30. Beginning at the left side of the picture, the man with the child in his arms is Harvey Fields Thompson. The child in his arm is Pearley Thompson. The lady to the right of Harvey (wearing the hat) is his wife Louisa Thompson. Looking at the door way and to the left standing in front of the 2nd man to left wearing a round hat and with a scarf is Cynthia Miller Thompson, the wife of Elijah Fields Thompson who is standing to the left of and behind her wearing a hat and with a mustache. At the back of the picture and standing near the right side of the door holding a baby (Pauline Thompson) is Robert Oliver Thompson and to the right of him and slightly below is his first wife Vira. There are several other Thompsons also in the picture but not identified. Click here to view Turkey Creek Baptist Church Picture of members -Tellico Mountains-
NEW***Oct. 1951 picture of Vastine Thompson and family--L to R back row: Claude (19), Vastine (40), his wife Iva (35) holding baby Jerry (5 months), Edna (14)
L to R front row: Cecil (11), Delores (2 1/2), Betty (4 yrs 10 months), Pasty (8) Click here to view picture
Picture of Calvin Thompson, the son of Robert Oliver Thompson.Click here to view picture
Picture of Cynthia Miller Thompson (left) and her husband Elijah Fields Thompson (right) Click here to view picture
Picture of Ruth(Estep) Thompson-wife of James A. Thompson with son William A. approx. 1880. VIEW RUTHIE
Picture of Henry Jackson Estep, the son of Abner Estep and Rachel Adeline Frisbee and the nephew of Rutha Estep Thompson VIEW Henry Jackson Estep.
Picture of Henry Jackson Estep, the son of Abner Estep and Rachel Adeline Frisbee, and the nephew of Rutha Estep Thompson with his first wife Nancy Emeline Thompson and her sister. Nancy is center and her sister is right.VIEW Henry Jackson Estep and family 1
Note: Nancy Emeline Thompson and her sister were the daughters of James Thompson's brother Nehemiah and his wife Lucinda Jane Fields Thompson.
Picture of Henry Jackson Estep, the son of Abner Estep and Rachel Adeline Frisbee, and the nephew of Rutha Estep Thompson, with his second wife Sarah Lulu Champion with their children, John Estep, Stella Estep Parsons, Elline Estep Calloway, and Della Estep McCollum. Adults Henry Jackson and Lulu. Son John is in back and in front girls---Della, Elline, and Stella. This picture was contributed by Margie Dover, daugher of Stella. VIEW Henry Jackson Estep amd family.
Photograph of Robert Posey Roberts and wife Ruthy Carolyn Bryson Roberts with children. He was the son of Andrew and Rachel Thompson Roberts. Rachel was the daughter or James and Rutha Estep Thompson. Not all are pictured here but they had daughters Mrs. Mattie Roberts, Mrs. Katie Bryant, Mrs. Bertha Miller, Mrs. Laura Ballard, Mrs. Mollie Roberts. They also had sons Jack, Lee and Allen.VIEW Robert Posey Roberts family photograph.
Obituary of Robert Posey Roberts of Mooresville, N. C. He was the son of Andrew and Rachel Thompson Roberts. Rachel was the daughter or James and Rutha Estep Thompson. They had five daughters Mrs. Mattie Roberts, Mrs. Katie Bryant, Mrs. Bertha Miller, Mrs. Laura Ballard, Mrs. Mollie Roberts. They also had sons Jack, Lee and Allen.VIEW Robert Posey Roberts obituary. Also on this page is a photograph of Fleutes Estep and wife Hattie Rowena Roberts with daughter Ruth.
Remains of James A. Thompson and Ruth (Estep) Thompson homeplace in Hanging Dog, N. C. This house has been torn down since this picture was taken. VIEW HOME PLACE
Picture of bluegrass pickers. L to R Guitar Jim Click,fiddle Oliver H. Thompson, banjo Bill Bryson(approx. 1920) VIEW PICKERS ***It should be noted that BEFORE the BLUEGRASS LEGENDS such as Bill Monroe made BLUEGRASS Popular, THOMPSONS were playing bluegrass music. This music came from SCOTLAND with these Scottish Immigrants.***
Robert P. Thompson, son of Nehemiah Thompson and Lucinda Jane Fields with wife Florence with guitar and Gibson mandolin in G chord. He died 14 April 1915. Bill Monroe was 8 years old when this fellow died.VIEW PICKERS ***It should be noted that BEFORE the BLUEGRASS LEGENDS such as Bill Monroe made BLUEGRASS Popular, THOMPSONS
NEW**1880 era Picture of Julia (Grant) Foland -sister to Theodrick Bradford Grant who was the father of Hester Lily (Grant) Thompson who was the wife of James Henry Thompson.VIEW JULIA
NEW**Blues style song written and performed by Ron Thompson about Theodrick Bradford Grant's Whiskey Jug.Click here to download mp3 file of song.
1. Unaka Log Dam built by Joseph Henry Thompson who was the son of James Thompson and a grandson of Elisha Thompson, and the great grandson of James Thompson/Nancy VIEW PICTURE 1
2. This sawmill was located in McMinn County, Tn., was owned by Oliver Harrison Thompson, a g g grandson of Elisha Thompson and a g g grandson of James Thompson/NancyVIEW PICTURE 2
3. This steam powered tractor furnished power to the sawmill of picture number 2. It also was used to pull a wheat combine that was operated by the Thompson family. VIEW PICTURE 3
4. A picture of Isaac "Ike" Thompson who was a brother of Joseph Henry Thompson, the son of James Thompson, the grandson of Elisha Thompson and the g Grandson of James Thompson/Nancy. VIEW PICTURE 4
5. Another picture of Isaac "Ike" Thompson. VIEW PICTURE 5
6. A picture of John L. Thompson and Callie Bates. John L. was the son of James Thompson and brother to Isaac "Ike" Thompson and of Joseph Henry Thompson who were the grand children of Elisha Thompson and g grandchildren of James Thompson/Nancy VIEW PICTURE 6
7. A picture of Joseph Henry Thompson and wife Martha Lucinda Thompson with their children and some grandchildren. VIEW PICTURE 7
8. George Hackler (brother to Dowel Hackler) at James Henry Thompson home. James Henry Thompson was first cousin of George Hackler. VIEW PICTURE 8
9. George Thompson (left) and Dowel Hackler (husband of Nancy Jane Thompson). George Thompson was the brother of Nancy Jane Thompson and both were first cousins to Dowel Hackler who is buried in Mount Zion Methodist Church Cemetery in Meigs County, Tn. VIEW PICTURE 9
10. Pictures of John Thompson and wife Martha Adeline Kyle. John was the son of Rev. William Thompson and Annie Penix. He was the brother of Martha Lucinda Thompson who married Joseph Henry Thompson and was the first cousin of Joseph Henry Thompson.VIEW PICTURE 10
11. John Thompson and Martha Adeline Kyle had a son named James. This picture is of James' son, John Thompson, in front of Thompson's store at Philadelphia, Tn. VIEW PICTURE 11
12. L to R daughter Alice Caroline Grant, wife Elizabeth, husband Theodrick Bradford Grant, son John Absolum Grant View family of Hester Lily Grant Thompson
13. Historical photographs of Mount Pisgah Baptist Church charter members including a photograph of Mount Pisgah School children with teacher Bill Bryson. Download pdf file with photographs and charter minutes.
Note: There are other Thompson family pictures but because of space they have not been added to this web site. Thompson descendants can obtain a copy of the Thompson family DVD with all the pictures by sending an e-mail to the contact address listed below.

To contact via U. S. mail use address:
% James Ronald Thompson
2124 Upper Concord Road,
Ten Mile, Tennessee 37880