NEW Religious heritage book: "From Whence Came I?"


This book contains a portion of the religious history of the William Thompson and Ann Chittam descendant lines. It contains the Thompson maternal ancestral line descended from John Van Meter/Meteren and Sarah DuBois. It contains the religious history of the McMinn County, Tn. Walker maternal ancestors of Rev. Robert Walker, William Houston Walker and John Walker Jr., the son of John Walker IV of the Wigton Scotland Walker descendants. It contains some of the history of the Jacob Buttram descendant line through Rev. Hiel Buttram. It contains part of the Smith descendant line from Rev. Charles Smith and Nancy Johnson of Spartanburg, S. C. It contains some of the history for the Cathey and Penix family from Joshua Penix and Ann Cathey. And it contains the Brock and Wattenbarger lines descended from Peter Wattenbarger and Terry Wayne Brock Sr. Not included is the Johann Jacob Braun/Brown religious history although some of these are his descendants as well.

Password protection has been removed from these files to make the book available to the general public for private usage and not for sale to the public. There are some sections in the appendices of the book that are the property of other individuals. This material is presented for reference only to provide related families a historical background of their ancestors. Some appendices include public domain material. Other appendices include material that was written by the author James Ronald Thompson. ALL of this material is provided for private usage by the families to whom it concerns. The material documents the religious doctrines and religious heritage of the families to whom it applies.

It should be noted that the U. S. constitution was written pertaining to the separation of church and state to PREVENT a demonic secular organization of lying politicians from FORCING their evil upon the people who seek only to worship God in their own manner and fashion. The control of churches by corrupt and evil leaders was the motivating force that led the founding fathers to include this constitutional protection. It was NEVER to prevent christians from serving in public office nor to prevent freedom of worship in a public place. The demonic democrat party today is the main source of tyranical attacks against freedom of religious worship and should be noted as such. THEY are the organization that is ATTEMPTING to impose their anti-christ and athiest viewpoints on a free people and soon that freedom will be gone if this tyranical group is successful.

Just prior to the Rev. War the English Crown used its power and authority to force the citizens of Virginia to both tithe to and attend the Anglican Church, whether they believed that way of not. The same thing was done in England, particularly at Brighouse, Yorkshire, England where one Henry Thompson was forced to tithe to a church which he didn't believe in and was thrown into prison because of not paying those tithes. Henry looked a lying and corrupt priest in the face and called him a liar when the priest stated a falsehood and the priest couldn't deny the truth of what Henry said. The main purpose behind the secular control of the church was that the English Crown used the puppet priests in the pulpits to dispense their propaganda in order to control people for their own secular purpose. SUCH is the democrat party today having almost total control of the press and not wanting a free people to preach in the pulpits AGAINST their demonic deeds which include baby murder, homosexual marriages, and soon to be the murder of senior citizens by removal of health care. It is a FACT that they have already begun to terminate the lives of senior adults by refusing to pay for dialysis after they reach age 75, all of this happening after lying Obama publicly stated to the American people that there would be no rationing of health care. This and many other statements clearly prove him to be the liar type depicted in Rev. 21 vs 8 as being sent to the Lake of Fire.

This book can be downloaded as complete book excluding appendix or downloaded by sections. People on phone modems would need to download in sections.

Complete book excluding Appendix as a 38 megabyte file

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Pages 37 through 96 of book chapters 11 through 16 excluding Appendix is as a megabyte file

The Appendix below is tp be added onto the book, either if downloaded in sections or as a whole. It contains background files and family charg. Appendix of book is 17 megabyte file

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