Some of these songs are recorded on a regular computer sound board and lack studio quality. Part of the background music is from public domain midi files taken from internet web sites. Other background music is played by Ron Thompson on a midi keyboard. All of the background music can be found under different locations on this web site. You may not make commercial recordings of the songs or sell any of the material for profit. You have permission to make recordings for use in church services, funeral homes or for personal use.

Note: The song titles followed by ** are songs which have been recorded over using professional equipment

           Song Titles are listed below.                                mp3 files
1.   The Broken Rose                                                             x
2.   Had It Not Been                                                               x
3.   He Will Understand                                                             x
4.   If That Isn't Love                                                                 x
5.   I've Never Been This Homesick Before                                 x
6.   Life's Railway To Heaven                                                      x
7.   Look For Me At Jesus' Feet                                                x
8.   Onward Christian Soldiers                                                  x
9.   Palms Of Victory                                                                x
10.   Tears Will Never Stain                                                       x
11.   The Red Scarlet Cross                                                        x
12.   The Unclouded Day                                                           x
13.   The Unseen Hand                                                             x
14.   Where No One Stands Alone                                             x
15.   The Blood That Stained The Old Rugged Cross                  x
16.   Glory Road                                                                       x
17.   Holy Ground                                                                     x