Thompson Family
Of Maryland and Virginia

There are at least 9 or more unlocated Thompson siblings or cousins who were born in the 1760-1790 time frame and were descended from John Thompson and Yacomintye Eltinge Thompson who lived in Fredericks/Montgomery County, Maryland from 1738-1752. Those descendants are descended from John Thompson's sons William (b. March 11, 1739), Cornelius (b. March 20, 1741), and John, (b. Dec. 13, 1743). All are descended from William Thom(p)son and wife Anne, formerly of Edinburgh, Scotland and migrated to Charles County, Md about 1685.

Listed below are the children of John and Yacomintye Thompson's son William who married Susannah Fields. They could have been residents of Montgomery County, Maryland OR Virginia (which later became Berkeley County, West Virginia). One court document pertaining to this family is found in the Augusta County, Virginia records pertaining to a suit between William Thompson and Lord Fairfax. That suit pertained to property that William Thompson inherited and which was part of the John Van Meteren land grant.

1. Henry Thompson b around 1757-8 and probably the first born. By Scottish naming tradition he should have been named after his grandfather John Thompson, therefore it is likely that his name was John Henry Thompson.
2. James Fields Thompson b around 1758-59. His files can be found at link: Thompson Family History Page
3. John Thompson b. around 1761
4. William Thompson b. around 1768
5. Susanah Thompson b. around 1770 died before 1793
6. Nancy Thompson b. around 1773 died before 1793
7. Joseph Thompson b. around 1775
The following five people are possibly descendants of the above John Thompson since he was last located living in nearby Hampshire County, West Virginia. There is a Berkeley County, W. V. 1994 publication number 18 printed by the Berkeley County, W. V. Historical Society which lists the will of Cornelius Thompson. This publication states that Elisha Thompson, the son of John Thompson, was given an inheritance from Cornelius. So this publication shows that John Thompson, the son of John and Yacomintye Eltinge Thompson, was likely the Elisha Thompson of Hardy County, W. V.
From Hardy County, West Virginia marriage records:
Thompson, Henry ---- Parrill, Mercy 10/28/1825 William Welch--one of William's sons was named Henry
Thompson, Elisha ---- Sperry, Elizabeth 1/ 16/1812 Peter Sperry--Elisha named after Elisha Fields
Thompson, Thomas ---- See, Dorothy 9/ 1/1796 J.H.Reynolds---Possibly not our line of Thompsons.
Thompson, Cornelius ---- Baker, Rebecca 9/ 30/1806 Archibald Linthicum--Cornelius named after Cornelius Eltinge
Thompson, Elton ---- Ryan, Katie 2/ 23/1805 John Johnson--Elton named after Cornelius Eltinge
8. Sarah Thompson b. after 1776 maried Jacob Hidener of Hardy Cnty, W. V.

If you think that there is a possibility that you are descended from any of the above people then I suggest a DNA test to confirm or refute the possibility. The Thompson Family DNA profile can be found on the Thompson Family DNA Results page. Please go to the home page indicated by the link below and obtain my e-mail address from the bottom of that page. Then send me an e-mail and I will provide you the details that you need. The DNA test is the Y chromosome test and only works for direct Thompson male descendants. This family migrated from Scotland because of religious persecution by King Charles II of England.

Elisha Thompson left will dated 3 Feb. 1844; proved 24 July 1848. Wife: Elizabeth (Sperry) Thompson, executor. Five children: (1) Louisa (Thompson) Hayden; (2) Mary Thompson; (3) Sarah Jane (Thompson) Flury; (4) Peter Sperry Thompson; (5) Isaac Newton Thompson. Also named: A. B. Hayden. Security: Isaac N. Thompson and Peter Thompson. Witnesses: Isaac N. Wilson and John Coffman. (P. 136)

The line of Elisha Thompson of Hardy County, W. V. would be:
William Thompson and Ann Chittham Thompson
John Thompson and Yacomintye Eltinge Thompson
John Thompson and Eleanor "Nellie" Dick
Elisha Thompson and Elizabeth Sperry
Peter Sperry Thompson and Isabella Lydia Rankin....
Dar number 105927 submitted by Lulu Isabella Thompson Blue

also the son of Elisha Thompson and Elizabeth Sperry is:
Isaac N. Thompson and Nancy Ann Sperry who died with only son deceased
Isaac N. Thompson married 2nd Elizabeth Edgar
The following are their children:
Fannie M., John H., Louisa, Jennie, Willy, M., IJerzelius and Kufns

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