****Albums by the Harmonaires****


These songs were recorded by Jimmy Thompson and the Wallace Family. They called theirselves The Harmonaires and were well known in the East Tennessee Area in the Sixties and Seventies. They also made many singing appearances at funerals because of their popularity. The songs listed here are taken from eight track albums recorded by them and are composed of songs which are now in the public domain. These songs are here as a memorial to Jimmy Thompson and Gordon Wallace and their families and are for non profit use only.

The Mp3 files are recorded as 320k files. To listen to the albums, please download the MP3 file and then save it to your hard drive. Then open the file and listen to it using your media player. If you try to listen to the files directly through modem link, you will probably experience pauses because the modem most likely will not be able to handle the data at a fast enough rate.
           Song Titles                                                           
1.   He Loved Me That's Why                                             x
2.   Heaven's Sounding Sweeter Every Day                         x
3.   His Tomb Is Empty Now                                               x
4.   I Believe He's Coming Back Like He Said                      x
5.   I Have Hope                                                                   x
6.   I'd Like To Sing Amazing Grace                                     x
7.   I'm Gonna Walk                                                              x
8.   I'm Looking For Jesus                                                    x
9.   It Makes Me Wanta Go Home                                     x
10. I've Been Redemmed                                                   x
11. My Mind's Made Up                                                   x
12. On Heavens Bright Shore                                             x
13. Something's Going On                                                   x
14. Tears Will Never Stain                                                   x
15. Thank You Lord                                                             x
16. The Bride Of Jesus                                                        x
17. The Old Ship Of Zion                                                   x
18. There's Not A Friend Like Jesus                                  x
19. We're Not Home Yet                                                   x
20. Won't It Be Worth It My Child                                    x