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Introduction 2
Acknowledgments 3
Chapter 1 The Covenanters Quest Defined
Chapter 2-The Early History of Scottish Families
Chapter 3-Historical Records of the Early Years in America
Chapter 4-The Van Meter or Meteren Family
Chapter 5-The Scottish Migrations to America
Chapter 6-The Historical Heritage of Charles County, Maryland

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Chapter 7-William Thompson of Montgomery County, Md
Chapter 8-Migrations to Rowan or Davie County, North Carolina
Chapter 9- The Rowan or Davie County, N. C., Related Families
Chapter 10-The Migrations-The Cherokee County, N. C., Thompsons

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Chapter 11-The Tennessee Thompsons
Chapter 12-Growing Up in the Country
Appendix 1-Comparison of Ron Thompsons DNA to other Scottish clans

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Appendix 2-DNA Profile for Simon Taylor and Anna Marie Hite Taylor family
Appendix 3-DNA Profile for Thomas Estep Sr descendant
Appendix 4-DNA Profile for Joshua Penix and marriage document
Appendix 5-DNA profile from George Pack descendants
Appendix 6-DNA cousin match results for Chittham or Cheatham family
Appendix 7-Ancestors of Hester Lily Grant Thompson
Appendix 8-DNA Evidence which confirms the accuracy of research
Supplement to book---The Missing Cousins as separate pdf file--Please correct page 21 of this to reflect that Elisha Thompson was in Hampshire County, W. V., not Hardy County, W. V.

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Pages 1-93 chapters 1 through 6

Pages 94 through 168 chapters 7 through 10

Pages 168 through 204 chapters 11, 12 and appendix 1

Pages 205 through 263 appendix 1 through 7

The following link is a supplement to the book and contains extracts from Berkeley County, W. V. Historical Society publication 18 printed in 1994 pertaining to John and Yacomintye Eltinge Thompson's sons Cornelius and John. The extracts include picture of the Cornelius Thompson plantation house with articles and pictures pertaining to the Van Meter/Meteren cousins as well. Correct page 21 to indicate that Elisha Thompson lived in Hampshire County, W. V., died testate there, and is buried there, not Hardy County, W. V. Click here to download supplement.

Chapter 6 of the book by Hienton about the history of Prince George's County, Md. contains historical details about Christoper Thompson and William Thompson, his brother. Also in this chapter are details about the ministers of their church, Rev. Nathaniel Taylor and Rev. Hugh Conn who signed William Thompson's will as a witness. Also included is James Shaw, son-in-law of William who married Margaret Thompson. Another book says that William Thompson and John Chittham were constables of Scotland Hundred in 1706. Probably the more important previously unknown fact is that a church was authorized to meet in William Thompson's home prior to the establishment of another new church. William Thompson was listed on one church deed.

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