2018 New Album recorded by Ron and Dallena Thompson

All of songs were written by James Ronald Thompson BMI Publisher Treed Lion Music BMI

It also should be noted that the writing and recording of these songs is as a hobby and not intended for a money making vocation. For that reason these songs are made available as free downloads.
The Mp3 files are recorded as 320k files. To listen to the albums, please download the MP3 file and then save it to your hard drive. Then open the file and listen to it using your media player. If you try to listen to the files directly through modem link, you will probably experience pauses because the modem most likely will not be able to handle the data at a fast enough rate.

Procedure to download:
1. Put the mouse arrow directly on the "x" that follows the song title.
2. Click the right mouse button and choose "Save Target As" option. (Some browsers have download link or different options.)
3. Then click "OK" and a box will open to allow you to choose where to put the file on your computer hard drive.
4. Either write down the location given in the box to the right of "save in" or change it.
5. Write down the file name in the bottom box and after the download you can click on it to play it or add to your play list.

Country Gospel

     Song title                                      Click on song title for mp3 file
1. Preacher Do You Drink

This abvove song is released to international radio stations at this time.

The following is the AVI video of a live performance of "Battle Hymn Of The Republic" at Pisgah Baptist Church in Meigs County, Tn.
1. AVI video of Battle Hymn Of The Republic

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