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Let me get this straight now. The democrat party was the slave owners. The democrat party started the civil war by firing the first shots. Blacks in Africa captured blacks and brought them to the ports where slave merchants bought them. Democrats bought the slaves at American ports. Democrat slave owners raped black slaves and spread mixed race dna. Democrat blacks want reparation of past grievances, yet there were only 75,000 slaves in the civil war era. In the past three decades there have been millions of blacks on welfare and food stamps and medicaid.

American taxpayers have been bled dry of resources. Exactly who owes who for reparation of these past resources. There STILL ARE slaves in Africa and hundreds of thousands murdered. How is the black man going to get reparation from the white slave owner ancestral dna in his own body? There were also black slave owners as well. In McMinn County, Tn. one free black man petitioned the court to allow him to sell himself for $250.00. This is in court records. My friend, Gene Scruggs wrote a book called "A Man Called Nash" about a slave owner named Nash who raped his thirteen old slave girl. Nash's son son and the girl were forced to sleep on rags in hut with a dirt floor. The story about the son, Willie Nash is an inspirational story about a half black man who obained a college degree and founded a school at Athens, Tn. in spite of the obstacles.

The democrat party gave America Huey Long. They gave America the criminal Boss Tweed in New York. They gave McMinn County, Tn. the democrat sheriff Cantrell who rigged elections by stuffing ballott boxes and provoked the Battle Of Athens. The democrat party spawned the Clintons with 19 plus suicides including Vince Foster whose official record said committed suicide with his own revolver while the witness who discovered the body said the weapon at the scene was an automatic pistol.

The democrat party sanctions law breaking by illegal aliens including MS13 gang members. When gang members murder people the democrat party wants OUR guns. Drug traffic across the border flourishes because of democrat party open border policy. My opinion is that the democrat party is nothing but a paid prostitute for the drug cartell. Every time an honest supreme court judge is confirmed a female comes forth to slander and destroy his reputation such as Anita Hill attempted on black Judge Thomas.

I don't believe there are bigger liars this side of eternal hell than the democrat party. The network news media are at the beck and call of the democrat party They repeat the same lies across all networks. Taxpayer money partially funds PBS and they take that money and fund a news program slanted to aid the democrat propaganda machine. News media lies are documented in an illegal attempt at a coup of a sitting president. You have your opinion. I have mine and it is that the devil owns the "national" democrat party, the network news media, and those who are so spiritually dead they vote for the devil under the guise of party tradition and loyality. The state of California is a bankrupt ghetto state under totalitarian rule of the democrat party. Homeless people, drugs, and defacating in the steeets is their trademark. It's a forecast of what will happens in America as the cancer spreads to other states.

Read the book "Licensed To Lie" for a documentary written by Sydney Powell about two decades of unlawful and un-American tatics of Weisman and Mueller in the fabrication of non-existing crimes to prosecute, persecute and destroy the lives of innocent people. According to the book, they cost the jobs and livelyhood of thousands of people in a blood lust for power using the justice system as a weapon to subordinate others to their godless desires.
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Read the book written by Dean W. Arnold called "Hillary And Vince: a story of love, death, and cover up." One detail of interest discovered by the author using the freedom of information act is that the FBI used the power of their office to assign agents to follow and intimidate the man who discovered the body of Vince Foster. They made his life a living hell in an attempt to change his story.

He told that 38 FBI agents followed him around. According to the witness, the gun at the scene was NOT the gun that the medical report attributed as used for the sucicide. This was the same medical examiner who ruled in multiple death cases claiming sucicides of those who crossed the Arkansas group, per the Clinton Chronicals expose. In my opinion, court records demononstrate in this book a gory tale of use of the FBI for intimidation in a death that any sane person would rule as murder. If the mob were using these tactics they would be prosecuted for obstruction of justice and witness tampering, very similar to the suit now being brought against some FBI political targets. The link for the book is: Click here to buy the book and form your own conclusions based on court records.

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I would rather hear the truth and be depressed than a lie and be deceived....Ron Thompson

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Isaiah Chapter 32:
Verse 5 The vile person shall be no more called liberal, nor the churl said to be bountiful.
Verse 6 For the vile person will speak villany, and his heart will work iniquity, to practise hypocrisy, and to utter error against the LORD, to make empty the soul of the hungry, and he will cause the drink of the thirsty to fail.

The Holy Bible discusses that in later years churches will become a form of religion but denying the power thereof. Truly that is the case with churches in America today. They are social structures with leaders who want to maintain the pretext of religion but not submit to the conviction and leadership of the Holy Spirit. Accompanying that invalid mindset is a license to sin theology which is also embedded with the false doctrine that people go straight to heaven without having to wait to the end of world judgment or to have their name read from the book of life as an entrance requirment to heaven. Preachers are so illiterate of the scripture that they preach contradictions within their own sermon and don't have a clue that they are doing so. The following book deals with that issue and fake ministers and fake salvation.
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One of the problems in America and the world is that people like to follow traditions rather than the Holy Bible as a source for their beliefs. The following book was written documenting the religious persecutions and false doctrines that have become embedded within the church.

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