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I would rather hear the truth and be depressed than a lie and be deceived....Ron Thompson

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The album "Redneck Preacher Man" and other songs are available as high fidelity free mp3 downloads from this site. This is a COPYRIGHTED album OWNED by writer James Ronald Thompson with OFFICIAL registration with the Library of Congress. This site and cdbaby are the ONLY authorized sources, PERIOD. The thousands of sites who are selling this album neither pay the owner anything or have any authorization to sell the album. They are in arrogant and flagrant violation of national and international laws.

This site is dedicated to religious history, family history, and music.

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The photographs, music, and materials in the books or other links on this web site are copyrighted materials. These materials are free for your use but not for upload to or for sale to the public.

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Click on this link to download an article "The Oxymoron of Cult Religion.

One of the problems in America and the world is that people like to follow traditions rather than the Holy Bible as a source for their beliefs. The following book was written documenting the religious persecutions and false doctrines that have become embedded within the church.

Click on this link to download new book called "The Reality Of God and the Illusion Of Religion".

There is a narrative that accompanies this book. To download mp3 files of that discussion click on the following link:
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1.          Click on this link to go to Thompson Family memorial page for remastered recordings of Clarence Thompson, Viola Thompson, Hazel Kyker Bivens and Claude Bivens. These original tapes were recorded in the Fifties and Sixties.

2.          Click on this link to go to Jimmy Thompson and Harmonaires memorial page for mp3 downloads of their music.

The family files on this site for Brock, Walker, and Thompson ancestral lines have been proven by dna research and backed up by documentation. The following book illustrates how to research paternal and maternal ancestral lines to connect to migration ancestors and establish broken ancestral links.

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The following link is to a new book that shows the location of each property that the Thompsons owned between 1685 and 1953. Whenever possible, pictures are included of the actual property and deed.

6.          Click on this link to download the Thompson properties book "The Places We Called Home" for downloads.

7.          Click on this link to go to Brock family book "A Legacy In The Land" for downloads.

8.          Click here to go to "From Whence Came I" religious heritage book for Thompson, Walker, Brock, Cathey, Penix, Smith, Wattenbarger, Buttram, Van Meter, DuBois ancestral lines.

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10.        Thompson Family History: Pictures Of Descendants Of James Thompson/Nancy Pack

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