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I would rather hear the truth and be depressed than a lie and be deceived....Ron Thompson

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The album "Redneck Preacher Man" and other songs are available as high fidelity free mp3 downloads from this site. This is a COPYRIGHTED album OWNED by writer James Ronald Thompson with OFFICIAL registration with the Library of Congress. This site and cdbaby are the ONLY authorized sources, PERIOD. The thousands of sites who are selling this album neither pay the owner anything or have any authorization to sell the album. They are in arrogant and flagrant violation of national and international laws.

This site is dedicated to religious history, family history, and music. I'm sick of lying politicians of either party. But I recently saw a comment that there have been 23 incidents of mass murder in the past seven years. How many incidents of mass murder were there previously in America?

The mass murder in Orlando, Florida is a highlight of the Obama administration and his TRUE legacy. Corrupt and lying RACIST Obama is responsible for the increase of third world illegal border jumpers and he wants to import even more Islamic radicals from the group fleeing the third world cess pool of the middle east. His goal has been and continues to be the planned destruction of America. This isn't politics. It is a demonstrated fact by the across the board criminal misuse of government authority. The lying and criminal history of the Clintons is also well documented. Each time one of their Islamic imports murders American citizens Obama and the Clintons use that incident created by THEIR policies to renew their attack on gun owenership as an attempt to divert attention from the root cause, these lying politicians. They are evil all the way to eternal hell as are their supporters.

Just in case you DON'T know, in 2002 there were 200,000 third world imports settled in Washington, D. C. resulting from the Clinton administration policy that was set in place. One million total were dumped across America in various states. The Washington Post proudly procalimed the "great white flight" as property owners fled the area. Baltimore is a prime example of the influience of third world morality. The policy of trying policemen and protecting criminals is third world politics all the way to eternal hell. They yell racism each time they are arrested as they mug and murder people of their own race. Murder, crime, and anti-American protestors are resulting from this administration and it turning a deaf ear and blind eye to those criminals. They follow the rules for radicals game plan of creating a state of anarchy and then seizing power. On 6/17/2016 Fox News reported that the Obama administration imported 477 new immigrants from Syria in the few days following the murders in Florida. Of these they report 6 christians and the remainder were Moslems, most of the sect that has been involved in several of the mass murders in America. My opinion is that there has never been a more devil endwelled animal in power in the history of America than Obama. In the video of his recent speech the darkness of his eyes and soul appear like a storm cloud from hell as he lies to the American people to accomplish his perverted agenda of importing those of hiS OWN faith of radical Islam. He IS one of the tools of satan who bring about the world wide tribulation period because these anti-christ groups inherently by the NATURE of what they are will create terrorism and anarchy in America as in the entire world. NOW, at THIS TIME we are seeing the stage being set for a world wide blood bath prior to the end of time.

The demonic organization "Black Lives Matter" was an anti-American spark behind the murders of police officers in Dallas by a black criminal AND IS blood on the hands of Obama. This is another incident this racist liar will use to attempt to take guns from American citizens to establish his vision of a "hope and changed" America with radical Islamic rulers. Loretta Lynch has proven herself to be nothing but a puppet for the democrat crime syndicate. I also think the FBI are now as criminally corrupt as hell itself and a puppet whore for the democrat crime syndicate. I don't think the flames of hell are hot enough for Ms Lynch AND the lying devil in chief. If you support them you are as devil evil as they are. If so, no doubt, you are MY enemies.

I have a neighbor who proudly proclaims he will vote democrat until he dies. I guess he is right in that, but after death, then what? Can you vote for the devil all your life and then go straight to heaven? Your chioices indicate your spiritual state and the spirit you follow. You probably think you will have a harem of virgins as well?

God is not a fool! If you choose and vote for the devil, then you will reap the rewards of your choice and spend eternity with the devil. How could it be heaven if you go there and have lived your life supporting evil and political corruption? These choices have made it hell on earth and you would take HELL to heaven with you in your perverted hearts. According to the scripture, nothing unclean can enter heaven.

In the name of God, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost I pray that Obama, the Clintons, and others who support their ungodly agenda will nightly dream of the eternal hell the scriptures teach is the destination of those who lie!

The Holy Bible discusses liberals in Isaiah Chapter 32:

Verse 5 The vile person shall be no more called liberal, nor the churl said to be bountiful.
Verse 6 For the vile person will speak villany, and his heart will work iniquity, to practise hypocrisy, and to utter error against the LORD, to make empty the soul of the hungry, and he will cause the drink of the thirsty to fail.

Please recall that Rev. 21 verse 8 states that ALL LIARS are cast into the lake of fire. When politicians shamelessly lie and voters do nothing to remove them, then America is ruled by the powers of hell. The welfare state creates parasites and crime and breaks the will of the innocent workers.

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One of the problems in America and the world is that people like to follow traditions rather than the Holy Bible as a source for their beliefs. The following book was written documenting the religious persecutions and false doctrines that have become embedded within the church.

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