I would rather hear the truth and be depressed than a lie and be deceived....Ron Thompson

In Congressional hearings the week of April 11, 2014 Eric Holder arrogantly threatened a U. S. Congressman who was discussing Holder's failure to comply with U. S. law by providing requested information about "supposed" investigations by the justice department into the criminal actions of the Obama administration operatives. With the arrogance of a ghetto thug Holder stated "You don't want to go there" in a threatening manner. My opinion of Holder is that he is nothing but a LIAR, racist and a criminal who has criminally used the justice department on multiple occasions by not prosecuting the criminal actions of those who attack the innocent through the authority of a corrupt U. S. government. Holder has provably lied to the Congress of the U. S. under oath and because of those lies was held in contempt of Congress. In a world of laws, Holder would be serving prison time for contempt but in third world racist America under Obama rule, that NEVER happens except to the innocent.

Because of the moral depravity of the welfare state one statistician accounts that two generations ago there were about 5 percent illegitimate children born in America. NOW there are forty percent illegitimate children born in America. The thugs from hell in the U. S. government have created this problem because the welfare state pays females to NOT MARRY and deadbeat fathers to not marry and support their children. The welfare state females worship Obama as a god because he appointed a FED chairman who has printed over three trillion dollars of worthless paper and devalued the U. S. dollar so the Obama administration can distribute this money to his chronies and phony organizations. This has HAPPENED and the result is that the U. S. dollar is now worth much less than six years ago. This is called inflation and the intellectually challenged welfare state parasites lack the ability to understand that THEY ARE THE ONES who are hurt most because prices have gone up on everything they have to purchase. They basked in the glory of the few pennies that Obama threw their way but are too stupid to understand that in the long run the costs of EVERYTHING are higher FOREVER. Also, this inflation falsely drove up stock market prices as values adjusted and FOOLS attribute this as good because there was an illusion of profit from the higher prices. This is the mindset of a fool. The REAL WORLD VALUE is not measured in dollars but in the PURCHASING POWER OF THE DOLLAR! WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD FOOL! THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES ARE THIRD WORLD FOR A REASON. That is because of lying criminally corrupt rulers and thugs who perpetuate their own power and stupid citizens who don't have the moral integrity to FIGHT THEM!

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World class music recorded by international artist Ron Thompson

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The following link is to a new book that shows the location of each property that the Thompsons owned between 1685 and 1953. Whenever possible, pictures are included of the actual property and deed.

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One of the religious problems in America and the world is that people like to follow traditions rather than the Holy Bible as a source for their beliefs. The following book was written documenting the religious persecutions and false doctrines that have become embedded within the church.

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